Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder (also known as compulsive overeating) is characterised primarily by periods of uncontrolled, impulsive eating beyond the point of feeling comfortably full.

  • eating a extremely large amount of food within a set period of time
  • repeated occurrences of binge eating, not followed by purging
  • lack of control over eating behaviour during a binge
  • eating to the point of physical discomfort
  • taking other peoples’ food, stealing, eating discarded food
  • eating to feel temporary emotional comfort
  • eating in secret or alone
  • feelings of shame, distress, revulsion about bingeing behaviour
  • eating rapidly and may experience an “altered state of consciousness” or trance like state
  • eating between and beyond meal times, excessive snacking
  • intense urges or cravings to eat particular foods
  • low self esteem/self image over body shape, weight
  • sporadic fasts or repeated diets
Eating Disorders Overview
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