Eating Disorder Treatment

Unhealthy relationships with food and weight can interrupt the quality of life for the person suffering.  It can become the center of one’s existence, creating isolation, depression or anxiety.  Abby Petterson works with individuals to treat the unhealthy behaviours and the underlying issues.  Hope and Healing are within reach, right here on Vancouver's North Shore.

At AJ Petterson & Associates Inc., we believe that self esteem is closely tied to eating disorders.  Our focus is helping you overcome your struggles with food and body image; enhance your self-awareness and self-confidence.   Through therapy you can identify and change negative core beliefs, learn skills to manage and tolerate emotional distress and learn new ways to improve relationships. Learn more about eating disorder treatment.

Worrying about your weight?  Obsessed with dieting or working out?  Counselling can help you identify the underlying causes of these behaviours and work towards a healthier way of life. Learning to tolerate and manage distressing emotions is essential to having a healthier relationship with food and your body.  Contact Abby Petterson to discuss how counselling can work for you. 

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