Jasmine Garfield

Jasmine is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#12279) with a Masters in Counselling Psychology. Jasmine has over 10 years of experience working in the helping profession. Graduating with a degree in Criminology, Jasmine has helped various individuals impacted by crime through both the Alternative to Violence Program in prisons and with youth at The North Shore Restorative Justice Society. Jasmine has also worked for 6 years in Education supporting children, youth and their families. Additionally, Jasmine has worked in the field of addiction for over three years, counselling youth, adults and people impacted by a loved one's addiction.  

Across her work and life Jasmine is highly passionate and dedicated towards creating a supportive place where individuals feel safe discussing some of the most difficult times and experiences in their lives. She believes in the transformative power that can occur when individuals feel heard, cared for and respected. She believes that positive change is possible and that the path towards change is unique to each individual. Jasmine holds a friendly and non-judgmental space where she is dedicated to helping individuals address their unique needs, goals and overall healing process. 

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