Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating are complicated illnesses, with a multi-faceted mix of physical, emotional and relational factors.

There is no “standard” treatment, which contributes the length and energy required to recover. The longer an eating disorder has had control over an individual’s life, the more difficult it may be re-establish control. Normalizing eating patterns and changing attitudes toward one’s weight and body image should be done carefully, slowly and with attention to the particular individual’s needs.

Abby Petterson’s treatment approach is carefully tailored for each individual and may include cognitive-behavioural and interpersonal techniques in Individual, Couple and/or Family Therapy, as well as nutritional and/or body image counselling. Treatment involves learning ways to manage the symptoms, looking at how these symptoms have helped the individual to cope and exploring new healthier, more effective coping strategies.

If medication or hospitalization is necessary, Abby will work collaboratively with other professionals in the community in order to assist the individual or family in creating a comprehensive treatment plan for recovery.

If you have a family member with an eating disorder they need a lot of support. They need treatment. Be prepared for denial, resistance and even anger.

  • let them know you care and are there for support
  • try to avoid talking about or focusing on the eating behaviour
  • avoid comments on weight or appearance
  • find support for yourself, talk to a professional, seek out a support group
  • read and learn as much as you can about eating disorders
  • be patient – overcoming an eating disorder takes time and help
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